About Us

IADS is an Institute of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) and runs under the policies and rules and regulations of the University. This Institute will function under the responsibility and management of a Director. The Director will normally be appointed from the professors of the Institute of Agribusiness and Development Studies (IADS) for a period of 2 years.


The mission of this institute is to promote higher professional education and qualified human resources and create a climate of professionalism in the Agro based business arena.


The main Objective of the postgraduate programme in agribusiness is to develop its student into competent professional managers for the board agriculture and food sectors. The programme will cater to needs of enterprises serving these sectors. The specific objectives of the programme include:

  1. Equipping students having agricultural sciences background with requisite technical   knowledge, skill and ability for managerial decision making and implementation.
  2. Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in student to make them effective change agents in agri-enterprise sector.
  3. Preparing the students for managerial and entrepreneurial careers in the enterprises serving or dependent on agriculture and allied sectors. These enterprises may be engaged in
    • Production and marketing of inputs like seed, fertilizers, irrigation, farm machinery and credit.
    • Production of crops, vegetables, livestock , poultry and fishery,
    • Marketing of farm products, agro-processed products and manufactured food products.
  4. Conducting studies on development and policy issues with major focus on agriculture and rural economy.
  5. Strengthening academic capacity and expertise to provide advisory services.