About Us

Institute of Agribusiness and Development Studies (IADS) is an institute of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) and runs under the policies and rules and regulations of the University. This institute shall function under the responsibility and management of a Director. The Director shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor from the professors of the IADS/relevant Departments for 2 years. An Associate Director shall be appointed by the order of the Vice-Chancellor for 2 years. 


Creating a center of excellence in agribusiness management, development studies, and agricultural policies.


1. Producing competent human resources through education, research, and training on agribusiness management and development strategies;
2. Building leadership in the agribusiness and development arena;
3. Rendering advisory services and conducting research on emerging issues of agribusiness and public policy.


1. To equip students having interest in agribusiness and rural development with technical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills for enhancing economic growth.
2. To produce leaders in the agri-enterprise sector.
3. To conduct research and render advisory services on agribusiness, development, and policy with a focus on agriculture and rural development.
4. To offer short course and training programme on agribusiness and development studies.