Academic Programme

Degree offered
The degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Agribusiness shall be offered by the Institute of Agribusiness and Development Studies (IADS), Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh to a candidate subject to the fulfillment of the requirements prescribed hereunder. The admitted candidate shall have to abide by the rules and regulations that are currently in force and shall be promulgated by the University authority from time to time.

Duration of the study
1. An academic year shall consist of two semesters of six months named summer semester (April-September) and winter semester (October-March). There shall be 16 working weeks in each semester for instructions, assignments, field visits, class tests, and final examinations. For each course, there shall be 3 lectures of 1 hour each in every week.
2. After completion of the final examination of the third semester, each student shall have to undertake at least 4 weeks internship with a business case study in any agribusiness organization or thesis in the fourth semester.
3. The duration of the study for the degree of MBA shall be 4 (four) consecutive semesters. However, two additional consecutive semesters may be allowed to a student if the Director of the institute recommends such extension and the recommendation is approved by the CASR.
4. If a student fails to obtain his/her degree within 6 consecutive semesters, his/her admission shall be cancelled automatically.

Course-credit requirements
1. Sixteen lectures/contact hours of one-hour duration for a theoretical course in a semester shall be considered as one credit-hour. Three credit hours are considered as three lectures in a week and maximum of 48 lectures each of one-hour duration in a semester.
2. The MBA in Agribusiness is a full-time degree programme. Total course load for the MBA program is of 64 credit hours. Out of these, each student has to complete 54 credits for course work and 10 credits for the research work/ internship. In case of course work, 45 credits for compulsory courses and 9 credits for elective courses (3 elective courses of which 1 course in each semester). Moreover, students from the non-agrculture disciplines shall take 4 credit hours additional courses (ADSMC1: Crop Production and Postharvest Management and ADSMC2: Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Livestock Management) in the first semester as makeup courses. He/she shall have to pass those courses in the first semester; otherwise, his/her admission shall be cancelled.
3. The distribution of credit as 6 (six) credits for the quality of the internship report with a business case study/thesis and 4 (four) credits for its defense.
4. A particular course shall be taught by one or two teachers and evaluated accordingly as decided by the Academic Committee.
5. A student shall be required to enroll for 18 credits of courses in one of the three “course” semesters.
6. A student shall have to enroll himself/herself in each semester on payment of necessary fees as per IADS rules.

1. If a student fails to appear at the 1st and 2nd semester examination due to shortage of required percentage of attendance, fails to pay the dues, or is expelled from the university for any reason as the case may be he/she has to get himself/herself re-enrolled to the subsequent batch.
2. If a student who needs to be re-enrolled for being any kind of above reason or dropping out or failure of being promoted to the next semester is required to pay the requisite semester fees as per fee schedule.

Teaching methods
In addition to the lecture method, emphasis shall be given to increase student's participation in the classroom. As far as possible, the case study method of teaching shall be given priority. Besides, group discussion and seminar presentation shall be followed. Arrangements shall be made for practical visits to agribusiness firms to give exposure on the actual management of those firms and guest lectures can be arranged by inviting experienced persons in the relevant fields/industries.

Class attendance
A student should have at least 70% attendance of classes held in a course. Otherwise, he/she shall not be allowed to sit for any examination.

Medium of instruction
The medium of instruction of the programme shall be English.