Eligibility criteria

Candidates for MBA in Agribusiness programme should have at least four-years graduation degree in agricultural science from reputed university. Candidates having passed a Bachelor degree in Credit-Course system must have secured a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 or 4.0 out of 5.0 and 50 % marks in annual system. An in-service candidate, if selected for admission, must obtain necessary clearance and study leave or deputation for the stipulated period from his/her employer to be eligible for admission.

Admission Test

  • Application for admission must be made to the admission section of the Institute on the form prescribed and by the dates announced.
  • Applicant has to sit for a written admission test conducted by the Institute comprising of aptitude and comprehensive test.
  • The number of students to be admitted to IADS will be approved by the Board of Governors or recommendations of the Academic Committee on the basis of result of admission test (merit wise) and seats available.

Final Selection and Registration

Applicants who are finally selected for the programme will be notified of acceptance and requirement with deadlines for admission. The applicant considered eligible for admission shall fill in 3 prescribed cards for each semester to have a coded identification number to maintain the academic records in the office of the Director. Student shall have to enroll himself/herself in each semester on payment of necessary fees as fixed by the institute.

Rules and Regulations

  • An academic year shall consist of two semesters each of six months. Semester starts in January and July. There shall be 16 working weeks in each semester covering instructions, assignments, field visit, class test and final examinations. For each course there shall be 3 lectures of 60 minutes each in every week.
  • After completion of the final examination of the 3rd semester, each student shall undertake a 16 weeks internship programme including report/thesis writing by the candidates’ own expenses in any agribusiness organization in fourth semester.
  • The MBA in Agribusiness programme of the Institute of Agribusiness and Development Studies (IADS) is of 64 credit hours to be completed normally within 4 consecutive semesters. However, if needed two more semesters may be allowed to successfully complete the entire study programme. If a student fails to obtain his/her degree within 6 consecutive semesters his/her admission shall be cancelled.
  • Three credit hours is considered as three lectures in a week and 48 lectures each of one hour duration in a semester. In addition to lecture method, emphasis will be given to increase student’s participation in the classroom. As far as possible case study method of teaching will be given priority. Besides, group discussion and seminar presentation will be followed. Arrangements will be made for practical visits to agribusiness firms to give an exposure on the actual management of those firms.
  • There shall be two class room examinations and one final examination for each course in a semester. The duration of final examination shall be 3 hours for 3 credit courses. All courses will be evaluated on 100 marks basis in total. The class room examinations shall carry 40% and the final examination covering the entire course shall carry 40% of the total marks for each course. The remaining 20% of the marks shall be allocated for class attendance, class participation, field visit and report writing as designed by the course teacher. The course teacher will conduct all examinations and make necessary evaluations.
  • The internship report/thesis will be evaluated by the examiners selected by the Academic Committee. The Academic Committee shall finalize the results and send to the Controller of Examinations for publications. The results of the candidates shall be published by the Controller of Examinations by order of the Vice-Chancellor subject to the approval of the syndicate.
  • Total course load for MBA programme is of 64 credit hours. Out of this credit hour each student has to complete 45 credits of core courses and three elective courses of which one course in each semester with a total of 9 credit hours. After completion of the academic courses successfully each student will go for placement with a business firm to conduct research under guidance of a supervisor and to prepare a Research report/thesis in fourth semester.
  • The distribution of credit is as follows 6 credits for the quality of the Research report/thesis and 4 credit for its defense. The report will be evaluated by two examiners and the defense will be conducted by a 3 member Defense Committee consisting of the Director as Chairman, one senior teacher of IADS and one external member.

Name of Courses

Semester 1 Credit
Compulsory Courses(15 Credits)
ADS 511 Introduction to Agribusiness 3
ADS 513 Agribusiness Communication 3
ADS 515 Agribusiness Management 3
ADS517 Production and Operation Management 3
ADS 519 Business Statistics and Computer Application 3
Elective Courses (3 Credits)  
ADS 531 Microeconomics 3
ADS 533 Micro-Finance Management 3
ADS 535 Marketing of Agricultural Products 3
Total Credit 18


Semester 2 Credit
Compulsory Courses (15 Credits)
ADS 521 Human Resource Management 3
ADS 523 Financial Management in Agribusiness 3
ADS 525 Trade Policy in Agriculture 3
ADS 527 Agribusiness Marketing Management 3
ADS 529 Management Accounting 3
Elective Courses  (3 Credits)  
ADS 537 Resource Economics 3
ADS 539 Advertising and Sales Management 3
ADS 541 Supply Chain Management in Agriculture 3
Total Credit 18


Semester 3 Credit
Compulsory Courses(15 Credits)
ADS 531 Entrepreneurship Development 3
ADS 533 Strategic Management 3
ADS 535 Business Law and Ethics 3
ADS 537 Marketing  Research in Agribusiness 3
ADS 539 Agricultural Project Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation 3
Elective Courses  (3 Credits)  
ADS 543 Risk management in Agribusiness 3
ADS 545 Managerial Communication for Agribusiness 3
ADS 547 Managerial Economics 3
ADS 549 Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis 3
Total Credit 18


Semester 4 Credit Hour
Internship  (10 Credits)
ADS 542 Evaluation of Internship report/Thesis 6
ADS 544 Internship report /Thesis Defense 4
Total Credit 10