Course Offering and Requirement

Total course load for MBA programme is of 64 credit hours. Out of this credit hour each student has to complete 45 credits of core courses and three elective courses of which one course in each semester with a total of nine credit hours.

  • Class Attendance
  • Unfair Means
  • Grading System

The Institute follows a letter grading system to assess the performance of a student in a course. The grades A, B, C are considered passing grades whereas F indicates fail. The numerical equivalent of grades are given below.

Letter Grade Equivalent Marks in Percentage Grade Point
A+ 80% and above 4.00
A 75% to 79 3.75
A- 70% to 74 3.50
B+ 65% to 69% 3.25
B 60% to 64% 3.00
B- 55% to 59% 2.75
C 50% to 54% 2.50
F < 50% 0.00

Percentage of numerical marks shall be calculated in round figures. A fraction of 0.5 or above shall be considered as next higher number.