Academic Standard

Student must maintain cumulative grade points average (CGPA) of 2.5 in a 4.0 scale on the basis of number of courses completed. If a student obtains an F grade (fail) in a particular course or in defense, the Director may allow him/her to repeat the course. A student may be allowed to carry and repeat not more than two courses in a semester but a maximum of four courses during his/her entire study programme to clear F grades.

The computation of semester grade point average (SGPA) is done by multiplying grade point with the number of credit hours for total credit points which is divided by the number of total credit hours attempted in the semester, Example:

Course Letter Grade Grade Point Credit hours Credit points
ADS 501 A+ 4 3 12
ADS 502 A- 3.5 3 10.5
ADS 502 C 2.5 3 7.5
ADS 503 A- 3.5 3 10.5
Total     12 40.5

            SGPA   = Total credit points is divided by total credit hours.

            SGPA   = 40.5 divided by 12 = 3.375

            CGPA = Grand total of credit points of 3 semesters divided by total credit hours of                  3 semesters.

Internship Programme

After completion of the academic courses successfully each student will go for placement with a business firm to conduct research under guidance of a supervisor and to prepare a Research report/thesis in fourth semester.

Applicability of the Curriculum and Rules

The Institute of Agribusiness and Development Studies reserves the right to make, at any time without notice, changes to programs, courses, regulations, degree requirements, fees or any other information or statements contained in this booklet. No responsibility will be borne either by Bangladesh Agricultural University or by the Institute of Agribusiness and Development Studies for any adjustments or expenses resulting out of such changes.

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